Compass Dinner Series


Compass Dinner Series

Chef Gregory has begun a monthly supper club that focuses on cuisines from different regions, the first of which was Japan. This series, named the Compass Dinners to signify Chefs’ direction  and purpose of exploration, aims to highlight skills and techniques both learned and learning. Here Gregory pushes himself and his team to execute small, intricate dinners for no more than twenty people. His first dinner, Japan, featured a play on the Jean Georges egg that Chef Gregory learned during his time with the famous chef, as well as creative interpretations of nigiri and other classic omakase fare. The next Compass Dinner takes place on Sunday, November 23rd and will focus on Chinese cuisine.


Chef Gregory on Top Chef

Gregory Departure

Chef Gregory on Top Chef


The cheftestants for season 12 of Top Chef have finally been revealed and our very own Executive Chef, Gregory Gourdet, will be competing! The season doesn’t start until October but rest assured we’ll all be setting our Tivos so as not to miss a second! Gregory’s last appearance on a cooking show was for Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen. Gregory handedly won the episode! We’re excited to be able to root for him weekly, and hopefully all season! Get in on the action by using the hashtag #TeamGG to show your support!

The Best Banana Split You’ll Ever Eat Is Vegan

The Best Banana Split You’ll Ever Eat Is Vegan


With a tempura banana, cherry compote, miso butterscotch and peanut brittle ice cream, at first site it’s hard to believe this dessert is vegan. But it’s true! Utilizing popular (and delicious) alternatives like coconut milk, creating health-conscious desserts can be as easy or as rewarding as you like! Chef Gregory recommends starting with a dish you know you enjoy and finding inventive ways to substitute dessert constants such as dairy with flavorful alternatives. Luckily, most grocery stores are now embracing this trend and have whole shelves for you to try!

Our Spring and Summer Cocktails

Departure Restaurant + Lounge

Up here we take our cocktails as seriously as we take our food. Especially after sending Chino to Chicago to compete in the Star of the Bar, we knew our spring and summer cocktail lists would need to be almost entirely revamped. Chino and his team have been working hard to incorporate bold new flavors that accentuate quality base spirits and surprise your tastebuds. With drinks like the one pictured above, Tetsuo, with Bombay Sapphire East, passionfruit and grapefruit bitters – we think they went above and beyond. The new menu is live now!

Chef Gregory on Cutthroat Kitchen

Chef Gregory on Cutthroat Kitchen  

Early last month Chef Gregory was one of three participants on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen. The game show, hosted by the esteemed Alton Brown, is like most other televised food competitions on the network with one twist: the contestants start with their winnings and use them bid against each other in various proposed sabotages. The winner has to make the best food possible (under the circumstances) while trying to preserve as much money as possible. It’s a game of intellect and daring as much as culinary prowess.


When Chef Gregory was invited to participate he was ecstatic. Not only is this a great opportunity to showcase his talents in the kitchen, it’s a fun mind game to play against his peers. He must have prepared well because he was the first contestant to win a sabotage bid – the others thinking their cooking talent alone would justify saving their fresh piles of $100 bills. Gregory’s aggressive play style and ability to quickly prepare delicious food won out. He faced a French chef in the finals whose classic cooking style and winning smile had been winning over the judge until she tasted Gregory’s spicy, herbaceous Asian riff on mussels. Chef walked with just over $4,000 but most importantly the pride of winning. Look for replays of this episode on the Food Network and check out Alton Brown’s recap with the judge over on YouTube.

Chef’s Week PDX


Last month we had the wonderful opportunity to host Chef’s Week PDX’s epic finale featuring 22 chefs from up and down the west coast creating an unforgettable 20 course dinner. As this was the inaugural Chef’s Week PDX we were unsure of how the chefs would all manage to fit in our kitchen let alone all of their mise en place! We had to get industrious (at one point our cooks were furiously waving serving trays at the smoke detectors while Chef Chesa of Ataula smoked octopus in our hallway) but in the end the dinner was a resounding success! We can’t believe the fortitude of all the people that braved the snow and ice to make it to this sold out event and hope to participate next year.


Check out our Facebook page for videos and photos of the event and all of the chefs’ delicious courses!


Dungeness Crab Month

crab month departure

Here at Departure we are excited to celebrate one of Oregon’s favorite seasons—Dungeness crab season. This January we are offering an exclusive 5-course tasting menu available for the entire month right alongside the regular menu.

Our 5-course tasting menu will feature Dungeness crab, but will also highlight Chef Gregory Gourdet’s Asian-inspired preparations of fresh, local ingredients. Join us as we honor Oregon’s official state crustacean! The tasting menu costs $65 and includes:

Dungeness Crab Sunomono
Salted Kyuri, Frozen Ponzu, Crispy Wild Rice, Apple Gel

Dungeness Crab Soup
Shiitake, Kuri Squash, Brussels Sprouts Leaves, Goji Berries

Crispy Dungeness Crab
Won Ton Crust, Black Vinegar Jelly, Mustard Seed

Dungeness Crab Dumplings
Sticky Rice, Shaoxing Wine, Spicy Black Sesame

Dungeness Crab Fried Rice
Pork Belly, Forbidden Rice, Candied Kumquat

Chef Gregory’s Peking Duck!

t’s that time of the year again! December might bring us some of the coldest, darkest, rainiest weather but with it comes Chef Gregory’s exquisitely prepared Peking duck! Peking duck is prized for its delicate, crisp skin and is a highly revered dish in China. Chef Gregory begins by curing the duck in 7 spice, salt and sugar overnight. The duck is then dipped in a blanching liquid of shaoxing wine, honey, salt and 7 spice and hung for 24 hours to dry the skin and concentrate the flavors. Finally, the duck is roasted for about an hour and flash fried to order. After Chef Gregory presents the whole duck to your table it is brought back to the kitchen to be carved. It is served with mandarin pancakes made from flour, water and duck fat along with traditional garnishes: cucumbers, sliced scallions, and pickled kumquats. Chef also prepares a house-made plum sauce made with ginger, chili, and hoisin to spread on the pancakes and make mini wraps. As the diners enjoy sharing the first course, Chef Gregory takes all the left over duck and makes duck fried rice to be served as a final course.pekingduck (2) SMALL

New Menu!

Summer is officially over and in its wake are rainclouds and a dim, gray light that ends before evening begins. But, living in Portland we are used to this  season. In fact, many of us relish these months where catching up on hobbies and past summer blockbusters are the norm. The fall and winter months are for reflection and appreciation of the year we had. For Chef Gregory Gourdet it’s a time to look back on the culinary paths he forged as well as the friendships he made. It’s a chance to reinvent the bold flavors that so many of us seek out to both fill and warm our chilly bellies. This season, as in all season’s past, he’s outdone himself.


Now on the menu are seven new items as well as seasonal updates to most of the other dishes. Some early favorites are the Korean baby back ribs, red miso Manila clams and a seafood tom kha that immediately makes you forget you ever knew  wet and cold. There’s even a “thai coffee” ice cream trio of condensed milk, coffee and caramel cardamom that playfully nods to popular drink. There’s no better time to come into Departure. Enjoy the rain.

Land Dinner

On October 17th Chef Gregory and Chef Justin Wills move inland for their collaborative Land Dinner—the second dinner of their two part Land and Sea Dinner Series. The two chefs will join forces for a five-course celebration of food from the land, featuring premiere game meats and fresh fall produce – showcasing ingredients from the forests and farmlands surrounding Portland. Working with Eat Oregon First and Nicky USA, game meats will take center stage, along with Oregon’s best native wild plants.

Wills’ and Gourdet’s shared love of wild foods and seasonal ingredients is the perfect match for a collaboration. The Sea Dinner this past April took place at Restaurant Beck and incorporated fresh spring vegetables and an inspired menu of the best seafood from the Oregon Coast. The Land Dinner will feature freshly foraged ingredients with a focus on the bountiful Pacific Northwest autumn harvest.

Gregory is extremely excited to cook alongside Wills, who was recently nominated as a semifinalist for Best Chef Northwest for the 2013 James Beard Foundation Awards and was included in the 2013 inaugural edition of Best Chefs America.

Exclusive look at the menu below:

ROASTED SQUAB, Matsutake Ganache, Pine Sap, Birch Crumble

CHESTNUT SOUP, Wild Boar Bacon, Roasted Squash Dumpling, Maple, Ginger, Thyme

GOOSE, with Chinese Spices, Pickled Persimmon, 5-Spice Jacobsen Salt

COFFEE RUB OREGON VENISON, Slow Roasted in Juniper Branches, Candied Parsnips, Native Blackberry Jus

DARK WOODBLOCK CHOCOLATE TART, Beet Caramel Center, Pistachio Ice Cream, Wild Rose Hip Jam

land_final copy