Dinner Vegan Menu

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Chef Gregory creates accessible Asian cuisine using traditional techniques. We are committed to offering diners the most authentic ingredients for unique, modern, pan-Asian cuisine.
Corkage fee is $30 for the first bottle, $40 for the second bottle
  • $14

Power Greens

shaved vegetable, roasted garlic, creamy pine nut

  • $14

Butternut Squash

green apple, smoked chili, seeds, pickled cranberry, Thai basil

  • $15

Roasted Carrot

smoked cashew butter, sunchoke, curry

  • $14

Misozuke Golden Beet Roll

avocado, kale furikake

  • $15

Root and Vegetable Roll

golden beet, daikon, squash, apple, avocado

Dim Sum
  • $8


artisanal black soy beans

  • $9

Steamed Tempeh Bun

kimchi, Korean miso

Recommendations of Chef Gourdet
  • $13

Char Siu Tempeh

crispy garlic, green onion, toasted chili oil

  • $13

Vegetable Udon Noodles

roasted pepper, spinach, ginger

  • $17

Hot & Sour Mushroom Soup

cabbage, rice cake, white pepper

  • $16

Kimchi Hot Pot

green onion, Korean chili, tofu, sesame

  • $21


koshihikari rice, kimchi, vegetables, gochujang, nori

  • $6


steamed premium short grain rice

Wok Fired
  • $15

Brussels Sprouts

chili, lime, mint

  • $10

Kimchi Fried Rice

negi, nori, sesame

  • $15

Chili Tofu

pineapple, shiitake, peanut, Szechaun pepper

Disclaimer: Pricing and availability subject to change.