Late Night Menu

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Chef Gregory creates accessible Asian cuisine using traditional techniques. We are committed to offering diners the most authentic ingredients for unique, modern, pan-Asian cuisine.
Sun-Thurs 10pm-close; Fri-Sat 11pm-close
  • $8


artisanal black soy beans

  • $8

Chicken Skewers

teriyaki sauce

  • $10

Shu Mai

vinegar shoyu, Chinese mustard

  • $14

Departure Wings

sweet vinegar, daikon

  • $9

Kimchi Fried Rice

nori, sesame, scallion

  • $10

Maki Roll of the Day*

  • $13

Spicy Tuna Bowl*

avocado, white ponzu

  • $14

Tiger Prawns

makrut lime, chili, lemongrass

  • $13

Skirt Steak Skewers*

garlic, soy

  • $13

Vietnamese Beef Noodles

peanut, herb

  • $12

Frozen Pumpkin Mousse

cranberry, turmeric, walnut, whipped coconut cream

  • $12

Chocolate Ash Cake

toasted crumbs, durian, huckleberry sorbet

Disclaimer: Pricing and availability subject to change.