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600 Years of Peking Duck

600 Years of Peking Duck Thursday, January 12, 2017


This is our 6th year of Departure featuring Chef Gregory’s Peking Duck and it is off to a wonderful start!
The tradition of preparing and serving duck in this style has its origins in the Ming Dynasty of China, between the years 1368–1644, and in 1416 it was served at Bianyifang, a restaurant in Beijing that was the first to specialize in the dish.  In what would be its 600th anniversary of that first service this year, Chef Gregory is highlighting the complex practice by curing and drying the duck for 5 days, before serving it with a bone broth soup, duck fat fried rice and the magical accompaniments: candied kumquats, mandarin pancakes, sweet and sour cherries, scallions and cucumber.
We are proud to be carrying on this tradition and look forward to championing it here in Portland for years to come.