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January 03 2020
Portland EATER, “15 Portland Restaurants and Bars Mixing up Mocktails and Zero-Proof Drinks”

January 03 2020
Portland EATER, “Healthy Portland Restaurant Plates That Don’t Feel Like a Bummer”

December 12 2019
Oregon Live, “Portland chef Gregory Gourdet will compete on ‘Top Chef’ All Stars edition”

December 09 2019
Portland EATER, “Headwaters Gears Up for the Holidays With Daily Russian Tea Service”

November 26 2019
Portland Monthly, “Food Critic Karen Brooks on 2019′s Best Dishes You Never Heard Of”

November 22 2019
Fox12 KPTV, “On the Go with Joe for PDX ROOTS”

November 18 2019
Portland EATER, “Portland’s Top Chefs Will Throw a Massive Fundraiser Fighting Food Waste This Week”

October 11 2019
Portland Monthly, “Mezcal Celebrations, James Beard ROOTS Dinners, and More Fall Food Events”

October 8 2019
Eater, “The 38 Essential Portland Restaurants, Fall 2019”

September 26 2019
Portland Mercury, “Our Favorite Bites, Nibbles, and Sips”

September 18 2019
Portland Monthly, “How Feast Portland Set The Table for New, Collaborative ‘Chef Dinners'”

September 17 2019
Oregon Live, “Feast Portland 2019: For one night, Portland was the unlikely center of the African-American cooking universe”

September 13 2019
Willamette Week, “In this city, you don’t need Feast to feast.”

September 11 2019
Apple Podcasts, “Walk-Ins Welcome”

September 11 2019
Portland EATER, “A 24-Hour Food Crawl in Downtown Portland”

September 11 2019
Portland Mercury “Feast Returns: Events Your Stomach Won’t Want to Miss!”

August 27 2019
PDX Monthly, “17 Bars and Restaurants That Will Host Your Next Bash”

August 26 2019
Willamette Week, “New Seasons Market Has Feast Products In Store. We Tried Them All.”

August 21 2019
Portland EATER, “14 Portland Restaurants and Bars Mixing up Mocktails and Zero-Proof Drinks”

August 19 2019
PDX Monthly, “New Seasons Market Whips Up Creative Chef Collaborations”

July 29 2019
KGW 8, “Portland’s 11 best places for business dining”

July 25 2019
Portland Business Journal, “These are Portland’s 25 most popular restaurants”

July 9 2019
Willamette Week, “One of Portland’s Fanciest Hotels Has an Innovative Underground Food Lab in Its Basement”

July 1 2019
Oregon Wine Press, “Inaugural TASTE PDX makes a statement”

June 25 2019
Portland Monthly, “Is Portland the Vegan Ice Cream Capital of America?”

June 18 2019
KPTV Oregon, “Superstar Chef Gregory Gourdet celebrates 10 years of Departure with MORE”

June 17 2019
Portland EATER, “Dine at XLB, or Two Dozen Other Spots, for Reproductive Rights This Tuesday”

June 2019
Willamette Week, “Departure’s 10th Anniversary”

June 4 2019
Portland EATER, “Portland’s 12 Ideal Rooftop Patios For Views, Drinks, and Sun”

June 3 2019
Portland EATER, “Best Portland Food & Drink Events This Week

June, 2019
Portland Monthly, “A Sneak Peak of Feast Portland’s Hottest Dinner Series”

May 31, 2019
Oregon Public Broadcasting, “Marginalized Groups Team Up To Build Momentum – And Money — In Portland”

May 30 2019
Oregon Live, “Portland’s 27 best restaurant and bar patios for soaking up the sun”

May 22, 2019
EATER Portland, “20 Portland Patios to Catch the 2019 Summer Sun”

May 21, 2019
PDX Monthly, “Departure Chef Gregory Gourdet Inks Major Cookbook Deal”

May 13, 2019
EATER Portland, “Drink for a Good Cause All Month Long”

May 3, 2019
Portland Business Journal, “What to Know About Feast 2019”

May 2, 2019
The Oregonian, “Feast Portland announces 2019 lineup of chefs, events”

April 26, 2019
Portland Business Journal, “Five Things for Friday”

April 17, 2019
Thrillist, “Actually Cool Things to Do When Someone Visits Portland”

April 15, 2019

Spring, 2019
Portland EATER, “The 38 Essential Portland Restaurants, Spring 2019”

Spring, 2019
Oregon Home, “Fresh Starts”

July 31 2018
Bravo, “These Top Chef Alumni Got Another Chance to Wow Padma Lakshmi — at a Party in Her Honor”

July 19 2018
Market Watch, “New Kids on the Block”

April 2018
About Time, “Foodie Guide to: Portland, America”

April 27, 2018
Virtuoso, “The Virtuoso Life Luxury Travel Inspiration”

April 11, 2018
Pause Magazine, “PAUSE Travels: Portland, Oregon”

Aril 2018
U.S.News, “50 Top Rooftop Bars Around the World”

April 3, 2018
Food & Wine, “How Chefs with Food Allergies Are Raising the Food Safety Bar”

March 22, 2018
Insider, “12 Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Hot Sauce”

March 2018
Open Table, ” 100 Best Restaurants In America For A Big Night Out”

March 7, 2018
Food & Wine, “The Ultimate ‘Top Chef’ Tour of Colorado”

March 1, 2018
Upserve Restaurant Insider, “How to Use Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Increase Check Totals”

February 15, 2018
Food & Wine, “The 2018 James Beard Award Semifinalists Have Been Announced” 

February 15, 2018
SF Weekly, “James Beard Foundation Announces 2018 Chef and Restaurant Semifinalists”

February 15, 2018
Food Republic, “AWARDS Here Are The 2018 James Beard Restaurant And Chef Award Semi-Finalists”

February 15, 2018
Eater, “Here Are the 2018 James Beard Awards Restaurant and Chef Semifinalists”

February 15, 2018
Seattle Met, “And Seattle’s James Beard Award Semifinalists for 2018 Are”

February 5, 2018
Only In Your State, “You’ll Never Forgive Yourself If You Don’t Visit This Incredible Rooftop Restaurant In The U.S.”

February 2018
FSR Magazine, “James Beard Foundation Announces 2018 Restaurant and Chef Award Semifinalists”

January 2018
National Culinary Review, “Fermented Flavor”

December issue
1859 Oregon’s Magazine, “Departure’s Peking Duck”

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