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Chef Gregory on Cutthroat Kitchen

Chef Gregory on Cutthroat Kitchen Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chef Gregory on Cutthroat Kitchen  
Early last month Chef Gregory was one of three participants on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen. The game show, hosted by the esteemed Alton Brown, is like most other televised food competitions on the network with one twist: the contestants start with their winnings and use them bid against each other in various proposed sabotages. The winner has to make the best food possible (under the circumstances) while trying to preserve as much money as possible. It’s a game of intellect and daring as much as culinary prowess.
When Chef Gregory was invited to participate he was ecstatic. Not only is this a great opportunity to showcase his talents in the kitchen, it’s a fun mind game to play against his peers. He must have prepared well because he was the first contestant to win a sabotage bid – the others thinking their cooking talent alone would justify saving their fresh piles of $100 bills. Gregory’s aggressive play style and ability to quickly prepare delicious food won out. He faced a French chef in the finals whose classic cooking style and winning smile had been winning over the judge until she tasted Gregory’s spicy, herbaceous Asian riff on mussels. Chef walked with just over $4,000 but most importantly the pride of winning. Look for replays of this episode on the Food Network and check out Alton Brown’s recap with the judge over on YouTube.
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