Dinner Vegan Menu

Chef Gregory creates accessible Asian cuisine using traditional techniques. We are committed to offering diners the most authentic ingredients for unique, modern, pan-Asian cuisine.


15Local Greensshaved vegetable, roasted garlic, creamy pine nut

16Carrot & Avocadorhubarb, achar, ramp-sour coconut cream

15Summer Vegetables & Green Mangolemongrass, galangal, chili


14Misozuke Golden Beet Rollavocado, kale furikake

15Root and Vegetable Rollbeet, carrot, asparagus, radish

Dim Sum

8Edamameartisanal black soy beans

9Steamed Tempeh Bunsmoked apricot bbq, kale slaw

Recommendations of Chef Gourdet

13Char Siu Tempehcrispy garlic, green onion, toasted chili oil

17Massaman Currysweet potato, peanut, coconut cream

6Koshihikaristeamed premium short grain rice

13Vegetable Udon Noodlesroasted pepper, spinach, ginger

21Bibimbapkoshihikari rice, kimchi, vegetables, gochujang, nori

Wok Fired

15Brussels Sproutskimchi miso, sesame

15Chili Tofupineapple, shiitake, peanut, Szechaun pepper

10Kimchi Fried Ricenegi, nori, sesame