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Dry Beverage Menu

Dry Beverage Menu Monday, February 05, 2018

Dry Beverage Menu
Dry Beverage Menu
The month of January has seen us devote an entirely new cocktail menu to beautiful dry cocktails, to give all guests a flavor of our beverage program and extend the innovation to showcase our work in the non-alcoholic realm. Our dry beverage menu puts an emphasis on fresh, health forward ingredients, supplementing Chef Gregory Gourdet’s food menu and adding to the restaurant’s already extensive and unique offerings.
We hope everyone who comes in samples at least one or two of these special creations, and while there are five beverages to highlight, this one speaks to the intricate culture of Departure Portland:
The Rainbow Fish: soursop, raspberry, lime, soda, li hing mui powder
Description: sweet, fruit forward, with a little tang
Story behind the name: In Hinduism, the Rainbow Fish was a legend about a fish that was as large. It ate Buddha, an incarnation of the deity Vishnu, but then was caught and killed by fishermen who freed Buddha from its stomach. After the Rainbow Fish was caught, it provided an entire nation with food for a year.