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FRESH & FIESTY COCKTAILS Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Departure’s crafty bartending masters spent Springtime researching, creating, and shaking 12 spring-time inspired drinks to tasty fruition. With Asian inspiration and uniquely conceived collaborations, these drinks epitomize Departure’s ‘modern Asian’ aesthetic.

Behold the ‘Crazy 88’, with house infused thai chili vodka, mango, orange juice and citrus, garnished with a house made pate de fruit. Or for those who view modernity as simplistic and clean, pony up for our ‘Lychee-tini’, with house infused lychee vodka and fresh citrus. Of course, springtime would be remiss without the ‘Ume Spritz’, a zingy little concoction of Choya plum wine, St. Germaine, and citrus, topped with house-made pate de fruit.

Our skillful mixologists are certain this fleet of fresh and feisty cocktails will be the perfect addition to your sunny days on our outdoor decks. For a complete list of Departure’s New Drinks, click HERE.

Crazy 88

1 ½ ounce Thai Chili Vodka

Mango Puree

¾ ounce simple syrup

Splash of Lemon/Lime Juice

Orange Juice to fill

Mango Pate de fruit garnish


2 ounce Lychee Vodka

½ ounce simple syrup

Splash of Lemon/Lime Juice

Lychee garnish


Ume Spritz

Wine Glass: Fill with Ice

1 ½  ounce of Choya Plum Wine

½ ounce St. Germaine

Splash of Lemon/Lime Juice

Fill with soda

Plum Pate de fruit garnish