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GG Is Global!

GG Is Global! Monday, March 19, 2018

GG Is Global
Departure Restaurant + Lounge, Portland, OR
GG Is Global!
2018 started off with Chef Gregory taking 5 weeks to travel through Thailand and Japan, eating, learning and researching.  He spent one week at Nahm in Bangkok which is fifth on the San Pellegrino list of Best Restaurants Asia 2018.  There he was amazed by the complexity of an already complex cuisine, the progressive seasoning and the sheer numbers of ingredients in each dish.  One of his favorite dishes was the Sugar Cane Pulp and Dried Coconut Smoked Beef dressed in grilled lemongrass, galangal vinegar, rau ram, grilled and fresh host chili and plenty of mint.

From Thailand he moved east to Japan, where he collaborated on an intimate dinner with renowned Chef Hiroyuki Sato at his newly opening Sushi Hakkoku in Tokyo.  He contributed 4 vegetable dishes to the experience, his favorite being Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sun Dried Sweet Potato Dressing.

After his incredible trip he is excited to be home and focusing on the new Spring Menu, much of which will be inspired by his travels and his global aspirations.  Stay tuned for next month!
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