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Happy Hour

Happy Hour Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Hour
Departure Portland is rolling out some new happy hour items this month, to continue on a centuries old tradition that was referred to even by Shakespeare in King Henry V.  It is thought that in more recent history it has its origins in the US Navy around 1913 when a group of “home makers” held semi-weekly “Happy Hour Socials” aboard the USS Arkansas.
The idea of drinking before dinner in general comes from Prohibition era, when people would host cocktail “happy” hours at speakeasies, before going to dinner where alcohol was not allowed.
Each country has its own version of happy hour, except for Ireland where it has been illegal since 2003, and even in America several states outlaw it including Massachusetts, North Carolina and Illinois until 2015, when a 26 year ban was overturned.
To honor our cities love affair with happy hour we have added a beautiful Vietnamese Noodle dish with aromatics, beef and chili, along with an Onigiri with either pork belly or spicy tuna.