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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Love is in the air, and it smells like Departure! 10 years, and our love for the city of Portland continues to grow. Departure is back open after a brief closure for a kitchen remodel, our spirits are high and the energy is alive in this space. During our break, as a team we discussed our trials and tribulations throughout the past decade, where we see Departure in the next ten years, and how we are more hungry and dedicated than ever as a whole! Departure has grown to be so much more than we ever expected or dreamed it to be and we are more than lucky to have the opportunity to continue to elevate the dining experience.

This year, we are truly focusing on giving back and looking toward the future! Departure is tradition meets innovation as a whole. From Chef Gregory’s innovative takes on Pan Asian cuisine, our style of service to the infamous décor, we thrive for our guest to depart their everyday lives, thoughts on traditional dining experiences and enter Departure. We live by the Omotenashi, the Japanese way of hospitality and guest service. Omotenashi is a hybrid of “omote” (surface) and “nashi” (less), concepts that together translate as “single-hearted.” Our perspective as hosts of our guests in our restaurant, this term represents rendering service without the expectation of favor or reward. It’s the love that we have for what we do, the city that we live in, and the guests that make this restaurant, up on the 15th floor, feel like home. We look forward to celebrating with new and old friends for 10 more years.