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Namazake Sake

Namazake Sake Friday, April 14, 2017

Departure Restaurant + Lounge, Portland, OR
Namazake Sake        
Spring is upon us, and to celebrate we are offering a Namazake sake flight!
Namazake is an unpasteurized sake that is most commonly seen in the spring after the end of the traditional sake brewing season.  It is distinctly fresh, with a liveliness similar to young wine: a little sharp, with a bright fragrance that somehow “conveys the essence of spring”. Nama in Japanese has several meanings including “natural state” which is precisely what this beverage is.
The three that we are offering are all Japanese.
Eiko Fuji “Glorious Mt. Fuhi”, from the Yamagata region in northern Japan is soft and delicately fruity with a crisp acidity.
Rihaku “Origin of Purity” which is made from Omachi, Japan’s oldest pure rice strain is clean, creamy and complex.
Narutotai “Ginjo Nama Gneshu” was established in 1804 in the Tokushima prefecture, and is a powerful and dry sake, with a slightly sweet aroma and great acidity.