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National Fried Chicken Day

National Fried Chicken Day Thursday, July 11, 2013

Once you’ve lived in Portland long enough you know not to expect more than a few days of sun in a row until one day, a day that not only marks the beginning of summer but transforms our calm, eco-friendly, IPA sipping residents into PBR chugging pyromaniacs. Maybe it’s the usually perfect weather or recent memory of Indian Summers past. Could be a dangerously intoxicating blend of charcoal and sulfur; either way, a city that takes pride in its uniqueness comes together on the 4th of July to be gloriously and unabashedly American.
The feeling of Americana inspires us just as well. Chef Gregory, not to be outdone by Chef Chris of Urban Farmer, who celebrated National Fried Chicken Day by serving the dish two ways [link to UF blog post], took his usual influences and celebrated summer’s arrival by playfully reconstructing the “chicken and waffle” into a spicy, tangy, gluten-free breakfast sandwich.
The crunchy fried chicken thighs are coated with rice crackers for a healthier crunch, while the corn and coconut milk bun lends a soft, creamy quality. A warm papaya slaw with chiles and dried shrimp provides a tart and zingy flavor that mingles nicely with a sweet maple chile glaze. This sandwich may not be traditional but it’s certainly American!