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NEW MENU ITEMS AT DEPARTURE! Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Inspired by the changing of the season, Chef de Cuisine Gregory Gourdet and Pastry Chef Sean Sasser have created some exciting new dishes for our fall menu.  Chef Gregory’s creations are inspired by the freshness and simplicity of flavors that, when combined, make for an explosion for the taste buds. His culinary direction has framed a beautiful and well rounded menu for the fall that exudes the refined and modern aesthetic of Departure itself.

 New menu items include:

Kampachi Sashimi, orange, pomegranate, shiso, Serrano

Kampachi Nigiri, smoked citrus soy

Tuna Poke, big eye tuna, chili, sesame, white ponzu, rice chips

Smoked Salmon Roll, asparagus tempura, black sesame, dill

Kani Avocado Roll, Dungeness crab, citrus

Spicy Thai Sausage, butter lettuce, ginger, kaffir lime

Spice Crusted Scallops, kuri squash, kumquat, galangal

Crispy Squid, smoked chili glaze, sweet and sour pineapple

Bibimbap, Kobe beef, koshihikari, egg, kimchee, kochujiang

Sweet Soy Chicken, plums, ginger, takuwan, shiso

Dungeness Crab Fried Rice, thai sausage, ginger, thai basil

Curry Noodles, chicken, pickled mustard greens, toasted chili


Pastry Chef Sean Sasser has utilized the season’s change as well as the season’s unique flavors to bring juxtaposing tastes together for an entirely revamped  and intricately authentic dessert menu this fall at Departure. Fruity, savory, nutty, chocolaty, chewy, and altogether tasty; Chef Sean’dessert menu is the perfect complement to Chef Gregory’s main offerings.

 New Dessert Items:

Japanese Purple Yam Bundt Cake, honey walnut glaze, goji berries, sultanas, condensed milk ice cream

Coconut Pearl Tapioca, melon, thai basil, citrus gastrique, coconut ice

Chai Milk Chocolate Cream, Saigon cinnamon sponge, ginger, caramelized banana, streusel

Yuzu Meringue Tart, macadamia nougatine, chili pineapple confit, pineapple sherbet

Asian Pear Crisp, black sesame oats, caramel, coriander, pomegranate sorbet