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New Menu!

New Menu! Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Summer is officially over and in its wake are rainclouds and a dim, gray light that ends before evening begins. But, living in Portland we are used to this  season. In fact, many of us relish these months where catching up on hobbies and past summer blockbusters are the norm. The fall and winter months are for reflection and appreciation of the year we had. For Chef Gregory Gourdet it’s a time to look back on the culinary paths he forged as well as the friendships he made. It’s a chance to reinvent the bold flavors that so many of us seek out to both fill and warm our chilly bellies. This season, as in all season’s past, he’s outdone himself.
Now on the menu are seven new items as well as seasonal updates to most of the other dishes. Some early favorites are the Korean baby back ribs, red miso Manila clams and a seafood tom kha that immediately makes you forget you ever knew  wet and cold. There’s even a “thai coffee” ice cream trio of condensed milk, coffee and caramel cardamom that playfully nods to popular drink. There’s no better time to come into Departure. Enjoy the rain.