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Slushy Program

Slushy Program Thursday, August 10, 2017

Slushy Program
In the heat of August and mid-summer, what sounds better than sipping on an ice cold slushy on the rooftop?  Not a whole lot, so in mid-July we rolled out an incredible slushy program, featuring local ingredients as well as showcasing trends like the ever popular Frosé (and infused with chamomile syrup from our garden to make it unique)!

We run two new slushies every night, and have 50 recipes already written that we are experimenting with including a frozen signature Seoul Spring made with house made bamboo syrup (pictured here) and a very special upcoming Shiso Mint Julep that uses an heirloom shiso specifically imported to Portland’s Japanese Garden that we are lucky enough to grow up on our roof.

At $15 for a 15 ounce glass, what’s not to love?