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The Paleo Dinner at Departure

The Paleo Dinner at Departure Wednesday, February 27, 2013

D Paleo JPG
Chef Gourdet’s Paleo Dinner Menu
$60 per person
PICKLED HERRING, wild greens, wasabi leaves tempura, ginger, acorn, white ponzu
GRILLED BUTTER CLAM & SWEET POTATO CHOWDER, nori, crispy chicken skin, toasted chili
WILD OREGON DUCK, wild boar lap cheong, coconut creamed kale, five-spice
GRASSFED CARMEN RANCH SIRLOIN, root vegetable bo kho, basil, coriander
SMOKED PEAR, GINGER & BACON TART, salted wild honey caramel, shaoxing, hickory nut ice cream