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Welcome Back Peking Duck!

Welcome Back Peking Duck! Sunday, December 17, 2017

Welcome Back Peking Duck
Departure Restaurant + Lounge, Portland, OR

Welcome Back Peking Duck!
For the 7th year in a row we are welcoming back a Departure favorite and local holiday tradition: Peking Duck.  This year the duck is cured in 5 spice, blanched in honey and Chinese wine, hung to air dry for 5 days, honey glazed and roasted daily, and served with a house-made cherry sauce, candied kumquats, scallions, hoisin, and cucumbers. It is served with mandarin pancakes, encouraging guests to make mini sandwiches out of the feast. Afterwards, all the bits of meat and roasted skin left on the bones are removed and a savory duck fried rice is made with plenty of scallions and rendered duck fat. To ensure 100% usage of the bird, guests start the meal with a cup of clear duck broth made from the ducks’ roasted bones. For a final sweet note, a rich taste of creamy duck fat-coconut milk ice cream with marionberry sauce and buckwheat crumble closes the feast.

The tradition of preparing and serving duck in this style has its origins in the Ming Dynasty of China, between the years 1368–1644, and in 1416 it was served at Bianyifang, a restaurant in Beijing that was the first to specialize in the dish.

We are honored to be continuing this traditional so many hundreds of years later and we hope you will come experience it with us!